Get Adobe Reader

PDF stands for Portable Document Format file. This type of file is formatted to look exactly like the original document. It is comparable to someone taking a picture of the document. To view these files you need a free program called Adobe Reader®

The Adobe Reader® program lets you download, view, and print PDF files. Adobe® distributes Adobe Reader® free-of-charge by allowing users to download it from their Web site. We suggest that you use Adobe Reader® version 3.01 or later for viewing the PDF documents on this Web site.

All Council meeting agenda and minutes are available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Characteristics of PDF-formatted files

  • Are downloaded to your computer and viewed on Adobe Reader®.
  • Are saved in original print format, including all original graphics and fonts.
  • Print out exactly like the original printed (paper-copy) document.
  • Are formatted specifically for your printer.