Charge: 2008-2012

Advise the Department of Health Services on long-term care reform efforts by:

  • Overseeing the expansion of Family Care managed care organizations (MCOs), Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs), and the IRIS program; and
  • Focusing on system and design issues especially on oversight of quality.

Specific tasks for 2011:

  • Monitor operation of existing and implementation of new ADRCs, Family Care managed care organizations and the IRIS program to evaluate:
    • The effectiveness of current efforts in meeting the core values and goals of long-term care reform (access, choice, quality and cost-effectiveness);
    • The adequacy of protections afforded consumers within the reformed system;
    • The need for statutory or administrative changes to strengthen reform efforts; and
    • The need for changes in federal law or policy to support Wisconsin's reform efforts.
  • Review current efforts and make recommendations regarding the development of the workforce needed to deliver quality long-term care across the state.