On this site you will find information about the charge to the Council, its members, any affiliated committees and task forces that may be established, and agendas and minutes of meetings. When they are issued, you will also be able to access reports and recommendations of the Council.

You can also find archived information about the long term care councils, committees and task forces that preceded the current Advisory Council and links to several sites that provide more information about information and services for elderly people and people with disabilities in Wisconsin.

LTC Council Notices

Thanks for your interest in the LTC council. You can manage your subscriptions to the LTC Council and other notices on the DHS Digital Updates site by entering your email and editing your newsletters.

You can subscribe to the Wisconsin Long-Term Care Advisory Council Notices by following these steps:

  1. Access the DHS Digital Updates site.
  2. On the Email Updates page, enter your email address. Click Submit.
  3. On the Subscriber Preferences page, click Add Subscriptions.
  4. Scroll to Long-Term Care and Support. Select the checkbox next to Wisconsin Long-Term Care Advisory Council. Click Submit.

Agendas for LTC Council meetings are sent two weeks before the meeting, and you can find meeting materials on the Wisconsin Long Term Care Council meetings page.